"What we call Buddhism, but for which the more traditional, Sanskrit term is the Dharma, is essentially the sum total of the different ways in which the Buddha and his disciples after him tried to communicate some hint, some suggestion, of the experience of enlightenment to others, so that they too might eventually come to have that experience.” 
Sangharakshita, What is the Dharma? 


Tuesday Dharma Night 7-9pm

Dharma night: Collective study and practice of the Dharma for order members, mitras and level 2 buddhism study regulars. Every Tuesday night, all year round we explore the Dharma together. A community of order members, mitras and people who have completed the level 2 buddhism courses, get together to study a particular aspect of the Buddha’s  teaching together. Using the 3-fold path of wisdom: hearing, reflecting and meditating on the Dharma. We take a slow approach to a text or talk around this year’s theme of Kshanti.

Repeats every week every Tuesday. 7.00pm to 9.00pm