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Join a Dana Revolution in Scotland

There is suffering and there is an end to suffering. The Buddha taught the path that leads us away from suffering. For 2,500 years that teaching has been helping people, like you and me, make sense of the world and find a compassionate way of being in it.  We want to keep giving the Buddha’s teaching freely in Glasgow and in Scotland. We want to keep developing our collective potential as a force for good in the world - to help beings live well and happily. We want to let more people see and feel the benefits of Buddhist practice for themselves. Your generosity will help us realise the vision.

Dana (generosity) is a fundamental Buddhist practice because it undermines what we call the three root poisons; greed, hatred and ignorance. Greed diminishes whenever people lean across the barriers that keep us apart and give whatever is needed. Hatred is confounded by generosity which is a loving kindness practice off the cushion and in action. Ignorance suffers from the real experience of person to person connectedness that our generosity creates.

Dana ( generosity) is a radical alternative to a materialist, consumer based economy so we want Triratna Glasgow Buddhist Centre to operate on 100% dana basis on all activities in the centre within 4 years. Support us.  

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