Annual General Meeting of Triratna Glasgow

Triratana Glasgow is the charity that oversees the running of Glasgow Buddhist Centre. Our annual general meeting is open to all current members of the charity. At the meeting, members will be hearing the annual report of work carried out by the charity in the calendar year 2019. It will also receive the annual financial accounts for 2019. 

Full membership of the charity if open to all members of the Triratna Buddhist Order in the Glasgow Sangha. Associate membership of the charity is open to  all GFR mitras of the Sangha in Triratna Glasgow. If you are not already a member or an associate member of the charity and want to be, please apply to Kuladharini, the chair of Triratna Glasgow.


14.00 Welcome from Triratna Glasgow (aka the Council) 

14.15 The presentation of 2019 Annual Report- Kuladharini, Chair Triratna Glasgow 

14. 45 Breathing Space and reflection space 

15.00 The presentation of 2019 Financial Report- GBC Finance Kula 

15.20 Tea and Cake informal chats 

15.40 Questions, comments and feedback  to Council and Finance Kula about reports 

16.10 Kula presentation/ consultation 

16.40 Gratitude, Rejoicings and tune out 

Saturday, March 7, 2020 - 14:00 to 17:00
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