Social Action Kula

On the 3rd December some of us hosted a ‘climate quiz’ at the Dharma night class at the GBC.  It was enjoyed by everyone there as far as I could tell. During the evening I talked about launching the Social Action kula of the GBC. A number of people were interested to follow up on this.My idea is that there will be a variety of sub kulas coming together as I am aware of a number of different issues that we might choose to address:

the climate emergency (we have already participated in a few actions around this);

work with refugees in some way;


compassionate eating;

how to engage skilfully with political issues

and a lot more I am sure.  


There are also issues we might be interested in which overlap with other kulas: inclusivity; inter Buddhist and interfaith relations to mention a couple.  What I am interested in is how we, as a community, can interact with the larger communities we are part of- particularly in ways that help those most in need of help.  What do we, as Triratna Buddhists, have to offer the suffering world.  A world on fire.  A world in need of the 21st century Bodhisattva.  How can we be the change we wish to see? How can we support each other to do that?  These might be small individual actions or something coordinated and collective.  I’m interested in the Dharmic underpinnings of such actions.

So, I would like to invite Triratna Buddhist Community Order members/ Mitras and Regulars (people who have completed Level 1 and 2 Buddhism courses) interested in this to come along and help us form a Social Action Kula.  I’d like us to get together on the morning of Sunday 16th February for a couple of hours to knock around ideas and think of some steps forward.  Bring your passion with you.  I think it will work best of people who are passionate about certain issues can drive actions around those issues in relation to the kula and to the chair and council of the GBC.  I really hope to see many of you there



Sunday, February 16, 2020 - 10:30 to 12:30
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