Level one: Introduction to Buddhism

a six-week course

  • Started 25 Jan
  • Free
  • Online


An online six-week course introducing several foundational teachings of Buddhism - the three-fold path and the three jewels. Learn how to apply the practices and teachings of the Buddha from 2500 years ago, and how these are relevant today in order to work with your mind, heart and to show up more fully in your life. What about meditation? When we teach these courses in person we include an introduction to Buddhist meditation, but due to the limitations of the online environment we will be focusing on introducing you to the Buddhist teachings. In order to benefit from the course, please plan to learn the two meditation practices (mindfulness of breathing and metta bhavana) through our online live-stream on YouTube channel on Thursdays at 7pm - 8pm If that time doesn't work for you, then the videos of the current live-streams are found on the same YouTube channel, along with many other resources.

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