Social action

Social, Ecological and Racial Justice

As a spiritual community, we recognise the suffering caused by human actions motivated by greed, hatred and ignorance. We are aware of the suffering of our natural world, and by that endured by living beings, of past, present and future generations, human and non-human alike.


Through our Buddhist practice we are dedicated to transforming greed, hatred and delusion into wisdom and compassion. Starting with our own practice, we work to establish an alternative way of life that is based on stillness, simplicity and contentment, and act to relieve suffering where we can.

Social action kula

Glasgow Buddhist Centre has an active group of order members and mitras who are mandated to lead engagement with issues of social justice, human dignity and protection of the biosphere that sustains us all. 

Please get in touch via email if you are a mitra or order member who would like to join the Social Action Kula.

The Social Action Kula are excited to be engaging with local nonviolent action and other in-person and virtual activities for COP26 (UN Conference of Parties 26).


In partnership with Interfaith Scotland, various faith pilgrims, Green Faith International representative organisations in UK (Faith for the Climate and their COP initiative Make COP Count), as well as the UK-based COP26 Coalition.

Check out here for more information about getting involved during COP26.

Members of the Social Action Kula are involved in an emergent international movement, the Triratna Earth Sangha, bringing together sangha members dedicated to raising awareness of the plight of our planet, biosphere and all beings.


You can watch the talks, meditations and workshops from the recent Triratna Earth Sangha 2021 conference here.