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About GBC

The Glasgow Buddhist Centre is first and foremost about community.  We are a community of Buddhist practitioners who study, practice and build friendship with each other. People join our community from all walks of life. As we grow in diversity we embrace the challenges, as well as the gifts, of making a conscious community among us.


We are proudly a part of the worldwide Triratna Buddhist Community which has over 60 urban centres like ours, as well as 15 rural retreat centres around the world in 27 countries. 

We are a Buddhist Centre, committed to going for refuge to the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha. We offer a gateway to understanding the Buddha's teachings more deeply, as taught by Sangharakshita. This is offered for the benefit of all.

The GBC council and supported team:
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men's mitra convenor

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external trustee


external trustee

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external trustee

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external trustee

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external trustee

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external trustee

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