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taking care

It is important to us that you can take part in our classes, events and community life in a safe and supported way. All beings deserve the best conditions in which to grow to their full potential. We are committed to creating those conditions to the best of our ability. And we recognise that humans make mistakes. We can each cause harm and we can each be harmed by others.

The Triratna Buddhist Community (formerly Friends of the Western Buddhist Order) has more than 50 years experience of building spiritual community. We have learned many things about how to do that, which we share happily.  We have also made many mistakes, which we share openly. 


For more information about our past as a community, check out the Adhisthana kula page.

Learning from our past we have developed a robust set of policies and practices whose aim is to protect people who attend our classes and members of our community from abuse, exploitation and harm.

Protection of vulnerable adults

If you are concerned about the behaviour of anyone leading or attending an event, class or group run by the GBC or in our premises.

Find out how to report it.

Protection of children

If you are concerned about harm being done to a child.

Find out how to report it.

data protection
Protection team

We have a team of order members who work independently from the charity to ensure that any reports you might want to make are handled confidentially, quickly and effectively. They can be contacted via email.


If you are unhappy about any aspect of the activities or work of the Glasgow Buddhist Centre.

Find out how to make a complaint.

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