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creativE Arts

Arts and Triratna

Artistic and creative endeavours have an important part to play in the life of any community. They evoke a fuller connection with the experience of being human and of being alive, and through them we can feel and see life more deeply as it is.

We can be ourselves and with each other differently. We can shift our consciousness through practice of and participation in the arts, and refine and help redirect our emotional experience.

The arts are an important part of our wider Buddhist community for all of these reasons. This includes an appreciation of traditional Buddhist art forms, as well as exploring modern, culturally engaged art forms arising from Buddhist practice and ritual.

For current creative arts activities at GBC, including the poet's way, check out whats on - community.

To get a sense of the fantastic and wide range of artists and creatives in Triratna, as well as their work,

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Life is King by Sangharakshita

Hour after hour, day
After day we try
To grasp the Ungraspable, pinpoint
The Unpredictable. Flowers
Wither when touched, ice
Suddenly cracks beneath our feet. Vainly
We try to track birdflight through the sky trace
Dumb fish through deep water, try
To anticipate the earned smile the soft
Reward, even
Try to grasp our own lives. But Life
Slips through our fingers
Like snow, Life
Cannot belong to us. We
Belong to Life. Life
is King

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